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Is your business still using
paper signed mandates?
We help your business transition to
digital mandates
via internet banking.
Discover the convenience of digital mandates.

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Benefits of digital mandates.

Paper signed mandates. 

Paper permissions are familiar and still valid as the standard for issuing permissions. Paper permissions also have a number of disadvantages and also involve hidden costs.

Labor-intensive processing
Long waiting time before bills get paid.
High postage and processing costs
No certainty in correct customer data such as ascription and IBAN.
Always manual processing by customers.
No direct feedback possible.
Digital mandates.

The digital mandate are processed completely through the secure banking environment and customers do not need to enter any data manually. Digitally empowering saves time and money and provides convenience and speed to everyone.

Save money from paper signed mandtes.
Get your bills paid within two working days.
No manual processing of paper signed mandates.
Full digital processing via internet banking.
Obtain faster mandates from your customers.
Save the environment, time and money.
How do we help your business?

We design, develop, implement and manage solutions that
enables your business and your customers to save time and money. 

We deliver new smooth and flawless onboarding and sign-on processes for
new customers which are fully connected to back-end systems and processes.  

We take care of all activities that are related to paper signed mandates which by itself are expensive and slow.


We start by understanding your current customer sign on or register process.


We design a new onboarding or sign-on process based on convenience and speed. 


We help building a solution enabling your customers to use digital mandates via any website, webshop or app.


We help implementing your new solution and connect them to your back-end systems.  


We ensure connection to all banks and processing of mandates runs smoothly without issues.


We store all mandate data from banks to keep your mandate administration save and secure.

The benefits of our services.

Easy starting without any investment.
Supported by all Dutch banks.
Get started with our plug-and-play products.
Start without any subscription fee.
Easy exchange of data with any other software.
Just € 0,25 per e-mandate.
Our products.

Online form.

Plug-and-play mandate form in your house style. 

Suitable for consumer CORE e-mandates.
Suitable for business B2B e-mandates.
Easy integration within e-mail, or website.
Issue e-mandates within 30 seconds.
Easy to customize in your corporate identity.
Personalized confirmation email.
€ 99

Full integration into your website, webshop or app.

Suitable for consumer CORE e-mandates.
Suitable for business B2B e-mandates.
Seamless integration in any website, webshop or app.
Issue e-mandates within 30 seconds.
Seamless integration in any sign-in and order process.
Personalized confirmation email.
€ 199

< 100 e-mandates:

€ 0 per month

Per e-mandate:

€ 0,25

< 1.000 e-mandates:

€ 10 per month 

Per e-mandate:

€ 0,25

< 5.000 e-mandates: 

€ 25 per month

Per e-mandate:

€ 0,25

Do you wish to register more than 5.000 e-mandates?

Please contact us via [email protected].


Get started with digital mandates.

We offer products and services that you can use immediately. 

Supported by all Dutch banks.

We are the link between your company and all Dutch banks.
We ensure that processes and systems between your company and all banks work smoothly.

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